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Discovering one’s childhood is something that people hate to look back on because when we think about the past, we think about the things we regret and the things we want to forget about, but if you look hard and deep enough, you can discover that which you did not realise, the small things which used to get you through the day, the happiness and innocence from the simplest things in life. You can discover how important your family can be to you and how much they mean to you, also it can remind you of those distant mates who were once so close and all you have to do is give them a message once in a while. People can see the bad things in life, and focus on them, I like to do the same, but I throw a unique twist, rather than thinking the worst of the situation, why not take an optimistic view and rather than standing still, take a step forward from those moments which try to drag us down. :)

what is your favorite song at the moment

At the moment? its probably the song “Bohemian like you - Dandy Warhols” - its catchy and its a good tune :)

It’s a frigging guy dressed as a Cactuar!!! That is sick! Loving it!

It’s a frigging guy dressed as a Cactuar!!! That is sick! Loving it!


erm… earliest one i can remember is running out of the nursery, through the cupboard at the other side and back into the nursery, so i was in nursery at the time if you didnt guess :O

Er… Hi

I just joined Tumblr today and have no clue what on earth its about! Woop woop! hahaha, er… just chatting away now on some random post because its my first - how long are these things usually? got to find out more! er… i guess thats it then… wish me luck? haha :)